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Welcome to BizMerger.com
BizMerger evolved when KESH got involved in Real-estate and general Insurance sales with an enterprise called Pearl Realty way back in 1980 after leaving school in Malaysia. Thereafter, Kesh continued his services in property management while he is still a college student (KL, M’sia).

Kesh took off in Singapore in 1997 with an opportunity to briefly manage a F&B outlet in Lot-1, Choa Chu Kang with the blessing of his employer. Thereafter, continued to excel into a Corporate consultancy offering services in areas like control system, coding, mergers, relocation, restructuring; covering places like Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

BizMerger has now found its niche in Business Takeovers namely in the business of Education and F&B. BizMerger also deals in properties covering both, Singapore and JB, M’sia.

Basically, education is a thriving business that is least affected by the economic crisis. At the same time, it demands passion especially if it’s a Childcare, Kindergarten or the operator is a teacher/tutor. Thus, when it comes to giving up, emotions run high.

In fact, any business decisions are affected whenever the proprietor is dealing directly with the customer or clients. This remains a challenge in take-over of businesses.

Though, the general perception for economy is dull and property deals are hard to come by, there is always the other good side of the story. It’s also the time to pick and choose. The overheads (manpower and rental rates) are lower and with lenient contract terms If this is not the time, then when will it be? We will never know the bottom or the peak. Thus, the judgment will eventually be based on the needs and the options best available on hand.

Most likely, postponement may not be the best option. Only when you are in the business, will you be able to size any impending opportunities that may come by. At any given time, there are always some good picks. It’s a mater of selection, timing and eventually the luck.

Hope we could serve all our clients to best of our abilities and in Good faith.